(Curriculum Philosophy)

Because we know that each child is an individual, Lake Havasu Unified School District provides a challenging education that prepares all students with the academic and social skills necessary to become responsible citizens and contributing members of society.

Our curriculum features high academic standards so that students become critical thinkers* and problem solvers using knowledge, reason and logic. 

*Critical thinkers have the ability to discern truth by analyzing competing truth claims and propaganda as well as problem solve by analyzing problems using the knowledge, information, and skills they have acquired.

Critical thinkers think in complex ways, develop original thoughts and arguments, are able to make distinctions, and are not subject to bias or influence; they are self-directing and decisive.

All subjects within the curriculum are interrelated and critical to the development of each individual student. 

Emphasis will be placed on research-based instructional and management strategies that enhance improved academic performance.  The instructional environment will foster each student's opportunity for success. 

Specifically, the District instructional program will include:

●  Skills in English language literacy and communication, including reading, writing, grammar, speaking, listening, and composition.

●  Skills in numeracy, including basic arithmetic and mathematics.

●  Ability to conduct research and to think and write critically* about history, science, literature, the arts, and how these subjects are impacted by differing worldviews (belief systems).

●  Pride of workmanship and skills for economic survival.

●  Skills in foreign or Native American language.

●  Academic and Social skills for Responsible Citizenship.

●  Understanding and respect for our cultural heritage.

●  Appreciation for the intrinsic value of education.

●  Appreciation of the fine arts.

●  Appreciation of the importance of physical fitness.

●  Skills in technology.

Adopted:  April 16, 2019

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