General  Policy

The purpose of this agreement is to provide guidelines to all Lake Havasu Unified School District (LHUSD) employees regarding information technology resources such as, computers, software, networks, internet access, e-mail, and cell phones.  This also includes the District’s digital network and supporting systems and the data transmitted on those systems, as well as future technological innovations that are implemented after signing this agreement.

This Acceptable Use Agreement and the accompanying rules have been developed to ensure that employees use the District’s technology in a responsible and ethical manner.

Employee  Expectations  and

School information technology shall be used in a manner consistent with the District’s educational mission.  Employees are expected to display professional behavior and remain professional during communications.  Prohibited uses of school information technology includes but is not limited to the following:

A.  Employees shall not download executable software, including freeware and shareware, unless it is required to complete their job responsibilities and has been be pre-approved by administration prior to use.

B.  Employees shall not access, store, display, distribute, edit, or record sexually-oriented, racially offensive, obscene, profane, unlawful, and abusive material using District Information Technology (IT) resources.

C.  Since the use of District technology is intended for use in conducting District business, no employee should have any expectation of privacy while using LHUSD technology.  The District reserves the right to monitor and record all use of District technology, including, but not limited to, access to the Internet or social media, communications sent or received from District technology, or other uses within the jurisdiction of the District.  Such monitoring/recording may occur at any time without prior notice for any legal purposes including, but not limited to, record retention and distribution and/or investigation of improper, illegal, or prohibited activity.  Employees should be aware that, in most instances, their use of District technology (such as web searches or e-mails) cannot be erased or deleted.

Occasional and incidental personal use of the District's IT resources and Internet access is allowed, but is subject to limitations.  Personal use should not interfere with a staff member's employment duties and other obligations.  Employees shall NOT use LHUSD resources to conduct personal business unless it is during a scheduled break.  Personal use includes but is not limited to; Internet usage, social media, and phone calls.

D.  All passwords created for or used on any District technology are the sole property of the District.  The creation or use of a password by an employee on District technology does not create a reasonable expectation of privacy.

E.  LHUSD employees are responsible for supervising student Internet use and to ensure that students are adhering to the LHUSD Student Electronic Information Services User Agreement.

F.  Violation of this agreement may result in immediate disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Video Surveillance Cameras:

LHUSD property, including busses, are monitored by surveillance cameras.  Videos may be disclosed to appropriate authorities or third parties in limited circumstances.  Only employees specifically authorized by the Superintendent will have access to monitor the surveillance system for their assigned location.

Employee Acknowledgement:

A.  LHUSD may continue to use any materials created by an employee following a termination of employment, free of financial or any other obligations to the creator.

B.  The use of District technology resources is a privilege granted to employees for the enhancement of job-related functions.  An employee may be held financially accountable for lost, damaged or destroyed electronic devices.

C.  I have read, understand, and agree to abide by LHUSD Employee Use of Technology Agreement.  I also understand that there is no expectation of privacy when using District-owned devices as well as personal while using District technologies (e.g., wi-fi).

D.  Lake Havasu Unified School District will not be responsible for damages including loss of data resulting from delay, non-delivery, or service interruptions; damages to personal property used to access school computers, networks, or on-line resources; or unauthorized financial obligations resulting from use of school accounts to access the Internet.

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