Teachers will be responsible for their classes at all times.  At no time are students to be left unsupervised.  Students are not to be sent on errands from the school premises.

Teachers have the authority to prohibit the use of and/or to confiscate any article that is a hazard to a student or that may damage school property.  In the case of an emergency, the teacher will seek help from the principal.

Every student, teacher, and visitor shall wear appropriate protective eyewear while participating in or when observing vocational, technical, industrial arts, art, or laboratory science activities involving exposure to items as listed in A.R.S. 15-151.

The Superintendent will establish procedures covering the duty hours of crossing guards, the use of bicycles to and from school and while they are at school, and the conduct of students going to and from school.  In addition, school buildings, playgrounds, and equipment will be regularly inspected for health, fire, and safety hazards.

Adopted:  date of Manual adoption