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The District Administrator shall recommend policies and develop procedures for the discipline of students that comply with A.R.S. 15-843.  These policies and procedures will apply to all students traveling to, attending, and returning from school, and while visiting another school or at a school-sanctioned activity, or in any other situation in which the District may lawfully exercise its authority to discipline a student.  When suspension or expulsion is involved, notice, hearing, and appeal procedures shall conform to applicable legal requirements.

The discipline, suspension and expulsion of pupils shall not be based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry or any other unlawful reason.  A substantial or deliberate failure to comply with the prohibition against race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry or any other unlawful reason may subject the District to the loss of funds imposed by A.R.S. 15-843.

The District Administrator shall ensure that a copy of all rules pertaining to discipline, suspension, and expulsion of pupils are distributed to the parents of each pupil at the time the pupil is enrolled in school.

The District Administrator shall ensure that all rules pertaining to the discipline, suspension, and expulsion of pupils are communicated to students at the beginning of each school year, and to transfer students at the time of their enrollment in the school.

Information concerning a student's disciplinary record will be held in the strictest confidence.

Disciplinary actions taken will be recorded in an administrative log, and all types of suspensions or expulsions will be recorded in a separate file for each student.

Temporary  Removal

Teachers are authorized to temporarily remove a student from a class.  A teacher may temporarily remove a student to the District Administrator, or to a person designated by the District Administrator, in accord with:

A.  Rules established for the referral of students.

B.  The conditions of A.R.S. 15-841, when applicable.

The District Administrator shall establish such rules as are necessary to implement the temporary removal procedure.


If confinement is authorized by the Governing Board, in accordance with A.R.S. 15-843, the District Administrator shall ensure that disciplinary policies involving the confinement of pupils left alone in an enclosed space shall include the following:

A.  A process for prior written parental notification that confinement may be used for disciplinary purposes that is included in the pupil's enrollment packet or admission form.

B.  A process for written parental consent before confinement is allowed for any pupil in the School District.  The policies shall provide for an exemption to prior written parental consent if the District Administrator or teacher determines that the pupil poses imminent physical harm to self or others.  The District Administratorl or teacher shall make reasonable attempts to notify the pupil's parent or guardian in writing by the end of the same day that confinement was used.

Schools are not prohibited from adopting policies which include procedures for the reasonable use of physical force by certificated or support staff personnel in self-defense, defense of others and defense of property (A.R.S. 15-843, subsection b, paragraph 3.)

Threatened  an  Educational  Institution

Threatened an educational institution means to interfere with or disrupt an educational institution as found in A.R.S. 15-841 and 13-2911.  A student who is determined to have threatened an educational institution shall be expelled from school for at least one (1) year except that the District may modify this expulsion requirement for a pupil on a case-by-case basis and may reassign a pupil subject to expulsion to an alternative education program if the pupil participates in mediation, community service, restitution or other programs in which the pupil takes responsibility for the results of the threat.  The District may require the student's parent(s) to participate in mediation, community service, restitution or other programs with the student as a condition to the reassignment of the pupil to an alternative education program.

Adopted:  August 9, 2016

13-403 et seq.

GBEB - Staff Conduct
JIC - Student Conduct
JKA - Corporal Punishment
JKD - Student Suspension
JKE - Expulsion of Students
JLDB - Restraint and Seclusion