The Superintendent will establish regulations governing the conduct of students in school, traveling to and from school, at school functions, or affecting the school order.  In establishing these regulations, the Superintendent may consult with student or staff committees.  In addition to compliance with regulations established by the Superintendent, students are expected to obey all rules and regulations adopted by the Governing Board, and to obey any order given by a member of the faculty or staff relating to school activities.

A student shall be defined as any person who is enrolled in an educational program provided by or approved by the District and carried on in premises owned or controlled by the District.

Students shall not engage in improper behavior, including but not limited to the following:

A.  Any conduct intended to obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with teaching, research, service, administrative or disciplinary functions, or any activity sponsored or approved by the Board.

B.  Threatening an educational institution by interference with or disruption of the school per A.R.S. 13-2911 and 15-841.

C.  Physical abuse of or threat of harm to any person on District owned or controlled property or at District sponsored or supervised functions.

D.  Damage or threat of damage to property of the District, regardless of the location, or to property of a member of the community or a visitor to the school, when such property is located on District controlled premises.

E.  Forceful or unauthorized entry to or occupation of District facilities, including both buildings and grounds.

F.  Unlawful use, possession, distribution, or sale of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs or other illegal contraband on District property or at school-sponsored functions.

G.  Conduct or speech that violates commonly accepted standards of the District and that, under the circumstances, has no redeeming social value.

H.  Failure to comply with the lawful directions of District officials or any other law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties, and failure to identify themselves to such officials or officers when lawfully requested to do so.

I.  Knowingly committing a violation of District rules and regulations.  Proof that an alleged violator has a reasonable opportunity to become aware of such rules and regulations shall be sufficient proof that the violation was done knowingly.

J.  Engaging in any conduct constituting a breach of any federal, state, or city law or duly adopted policy of the Board.

K.  Carrying or possessing a weapon on school grounds.

In addition to the general rules set forth above, students shall be expected to obey all policies and regulations focusing on student conduct adopted by the Board.  Students shall not engage in any activities prohibited herein, nor shall they refuse to obey any order given by a member of the faculty or staff who is attempting to maintain public order.

Any student who violates these policies and regulations may be subject to discipline up to expulsion, in addition to other civil and criminal prosecution.  These punishments may be in addition to any customary discipline that the District presently dispenses.

Local law enforcement shall be notified by the Superintendent regarding any suspected crime against a person or property that is a serious offense as defined in 15-341, involves a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or that could pose a threat of death or serious injury to employees, students or others on school property.

The authority of the Superintendent to establish regulations covering students may be delegated.

Adopted:  date of Manual adoption


GBEB - Staff Conduct
JK - Student Discipline
JKD - Student Suspension
JKE - Expulsion of Students
KFA - Public Conduct on School Property