When circumstances indicate that acceleration in grade placement is in the best interest of the student, close cooperation between the parents and all school personnel involved is imperative.  Each student will have individual consideration, and decisions will be made only after a careful study of facts relating to the student's growth and development.  The student's academic achievement level and mental ability are important, but physical and social characteristics are also determining factors.  A decision should be based on sufficient data collected over a period of time and motivated by a desire to place the student in the school program where the greatest success will result.

The final decision to accelerate a student rests with the Superintendent.  Parental involvement in all steps of the process is vital.  Parental consent to the acceleration of a student should be in writing.

If parents do not approve of a decision regarding the acceleration of the student, they may appeal the decision to the Superintendent.  Further appeal, if necessary, may be made to the Board.

Adopted:  date of manual adoption


IKE - Promotion and Retention of Students