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All parts of the curriculum are interrelated and important to the development of the student.  The physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, and cognitive development of the student are all elements of importance within the school program.

The District will provide basic communication and computational skills, an experience-based curriculum, and exploration of different disciplines and decision-making techniques to enable the student to choose between alternatives.

Specifically, the District instructional program will be designed and implemented to provide for developing:

●  Skills in communication - to include reading, writing, speaking, listening, and composition.

●  Skills in computation.

●  Appreciation of the world of work.

●  Pride of workmanship and skills for economic survival.

●  Appreciation of the importance of physical fitness.

●  Research and problem-solving skills.

●  Ability to think analytically, critically, and independently.

●  Skills in foreign or Native American language.

●  Ability leading to citizen responsibility.

●  Understanding and respect for our cultural heritage.

●  Appreciation for the intrinsic value of education.

●  Appreciation of the fine arts.

●  Skills in technology.

Adopted:  date of manual adoption

AD - Educational Philosophy/School District Mission