The process and purpose of evaluation for certificated professional staff members is to result in improvement of the quality of instruction and the strengthening of the abilities of the professional staff.

Definition  of  Terms

In this policy:

A.  Certificated teacher means a person who holds a certificate from the State Board of Education to work in the schools of this state and who is employed under contract in a position that requires certification, except a psychologist or an administrator devoting at least fifty percent (50%) of the person’s time to classroom teaching.

B.  Inadequacy of classroom performance means the definition of inadequacy of classroom performance adopted by the Governing Board.

C.  Performance classifications means the four (4) performance classifications for teachers and principals adopted by the Governing Board.

D.  Qualified evaluator means a school principal or other person who is trained to evaluate teachers and who is designated by the Governing Board to evaluate certificated teachers.

Evaluation  of  Classroom  Teachers
and  Other  Certificated  Non-
administrative  Staff  Members

The District teacher performance evaluation system shall do the following:

A.  Be designed to improve teacher performance and improve student achievement;

B.  Include quantitative data on the academic progress for all students, which shall account for between twenty percent (20%) and thirty-three percent (33%) of the evaluation outcomes;

C.  Include four (4) performance classifications, designated as highly effective, effective, developing, and ineffective.

Performance classifications for teachers shall be the same four (4) performance classifications adopted by the State Board of Education.  The performance classifications are to be applied to the evaluation instruments in a manner designed to improve principal and teacher performance.  At least annually, the Governing Board will discuss at a public meeting its aggregate performance classifications of principals and teachers.

The District will involve its certificated teachers in the development and periodic evaluation of the teacher performance evaluation system.  The following elements will be a part of the evaluation system:

A.  It will meet the requirements prescribed in statute and provide at least one (1) evaluation of each certificated teacher by a qualified evaluator each school year or as provided in Section I. 

B.  A copy of the evaluation system shall be given to each teacher in the District.

C.  Specific training requirements for qualified evaluators, approved by the Board, will be included which may involve local or national educator training resources recommended by the Superintendent.

D.  The Superintendent will recommend qualified evaluators to the Board prior to naming evaluators.

E.  The Board will designate qualified evaluators.

F.  Best practices for professional development and evaluator training adopted by the State Board of Education will be considered.

G.  The system will include incentives for teachers in the highest performance classification.

H.  The system will include a plan for the appropriate use of quantitative data of student academic progress in evaluations of all certificated teachers.  The plan may make distinctions between certificated teachers who provide direct instruction to students and certificated teachers who do not provide direct instruction to students.  The plan may include data for multiple school years and may limit the use of data for certificated teachers who have taught for less than two (2) complete school years.

I.  The District may use an alternative performance evaluation cycle subject to the following:

1.  The Governing Board shall adopt policies for an expedited performance review during the years in which a teacher is not undergoing a formal performance evaluation.  The expedited performance review policies may classify teacher performance in categories that include teamwork and support for lower-performing teachers.

2.  The Governing Board shall allow only teachers who have been evaluated and designated in the highest performance classification for at least three (3) consecutive years by the same school to participate in the alternative performance evaluation cycle.

3.  If an expedited performance review under this subsection determines that the teacher is not in the highest performance classification, the teacher shall be removed from the alternative performance evaluation cycle and be reviewed on the established evaluation system.

The Governing Board may waive the requirement of a second classroom observation for a continuing teacher whose teaching performance based on the first classroom observation places the teacher in one (1) of the two (2) highest performance classifications for the current school year, unless the teacher requests a second observation.

Either the qualified evaluator or another Board designee shall confer with the teacher to make specific recommendations as to the areas of improvement in the teacher's performance and to provide professional development opportunities for the certificated teacher to improve performance and follow up with the teacher after a reasonable period of time for the purpose of ascertaining that the teacher is demonstrating adequate performance.

The District teacher evaluation will address the following items:

The Board shall describe performance improvement plans for teachers designated in the lowest performance classification and dismissal or nonrenewal procedures pursuant to section 15-536 or 15-539 for teachers who continue to be designated in the lowest performance classification.

Inadequacy  of  Classroom  Performance

A teacher's classroom performance is inadequate if:

A.  The teacher rarely demonstartes the listed functions of Domains One through Four (1-4) on the Teacher Performance Evaluation.

B.  The demonstarted performance of this teacher requires intervention.  A not effective rating indicates that performance is unsatisfactory and the teacher requires significant improvement.  Specific comments (i.e., evidence, explanation) are required when rating a standard not effective.  The teacher should be placed on an imporvement plan.  The Superintendent is authorized to issue preliminary notice of inadequacy of classroom performance prior to Governing Board approval.

The Superintendent is authorized to issue preliminary notices of inadequacy of classroom performance prior to Governing Board approval.  The Superintendent, in consultation with the principal or supervisor of the classroom teacher, will consider any mitigating circumstances before issuing such notices to a classroom teacher who is new to the profession or who was recently reassigned to a new grade level or content area.  The Board will be notified within ten (10) school days of such issuance.

A teacher whose evaluation is used as a criterion for establishing compensation and who disagrees with the evaluation may make a written appeal.  The teacher shall have the burden of proof in the appeal.  The appeal shall go to the Superintendent.

Evaluation  of  Principals,
other  Administrators
and  Psychologists

The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish a system for the evaluation of principals, other administrators, and certificated school psychologists.  Advice will be sought from those to be evaluated in the development of the performance evaluation system for each of these employee classifications.

Evaluation  of  Principals

The Governing Board shall adopt policies that:

A.  are designed to improve principal performance and improve student achievement.

B.  include the use of quantitative data on the academic progress for all students, which shall account for between twenty percent (20%) and thirty-three percent (33%) of the evaluation outcomes.

C.  include four (4) performance classifications, designated as highly effective, effective, developing and ineffective.

D.  describe both of the following:

1.  the methods used to evaluate the performance of principals, including the data used to measure student performance and job effectiveness.

2.  the formula used to determine evaluation outcomes.

The evaluation system for the evaluation of the performance of principals may include the over-all instructional program, student progress, personnel, curriculum, and facilities.  Principals will be given a review of evaluation procedures prior to beginning the process.

Subject to statutory limitations, the Board shall make available the evaluation and performance classification pursuant to A.R.S. 15-203 of each principal in the District to school districts and charter schools that are inquiring about the performance of the principal for hiring purposes.

Evaluation  of  Other  Administrators

The format for the evaluation system for other administrators (other than the Superintendent) will be developed under the leadership of the Superintendent, focusing on the responsibilities and outcomes which support the over-all instructional program and needs of the District.  Evaluation procedures, timelines, and methods to be used for the communication of evaluation results will be reviewed with each employee prior to beginning the process.

Evaluation  of  Certificated
School  Psychologists

The evaluation system for certificated school psychologists shall include the following:

A.  Recommendations as to areas of improvement in the performance of the certificated school psychologist if the performance warrants improvement.

B.  After transmittal of an assessment, a Board designee shall confer with the certificated school psychologist to make specific recommendations as to areas of improvement in performance.

C.  The Board designee shall provide assistance and opportunities for the certificated school psychologist to improve his performance and shall follow up after a reasonable period of time for the purpose of ascertaining that adequate performance is being demonstrated.

D.  Appeal procedures for certificated school psychologists who disagree with the evaluation of their performance, if the evaluation is for use as criteria for establishing compensation or dismissal.

Contracts  of  Certificated  Employees

The Governing Board may transmit and receive contracts of certificated employees in an electronic format and may accept electronic signatures on those contracts.  The Superintendent will develop procedures for the implementation of this discretionary process.

The Governing Board may adopt requirements that require electronic signatures to be followed by original signatures within a specified time period.

Adopted:  September 09, 2019

15-539 et seq.

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GCB - Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation
GCF - Professional Staff Hiring
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