The District Administrator shall have the responsibility for the assignment of all personnel throughout the District.  The procedure for assignment and transfer of professional staff members will be based on the needs of the instructional program.  In addition, no right to school, grade, or subject assignment shall be inferred from the teacher's contract.

A teacher who has been employed by the District for the major portion of three (3) or more consecutive school years and who is currently designated in the lowest performance classification for two (2) consecutive school years shall not be transferred as a teacher to another school in the District unless the District has issued a preliminary notice of inadequacy of classroom performance and approved a performance improvement plan for the teacher and the Governing Board has approved the new placement as in the best interests of the pupils in the school.  Following a transfer under this provision, a teacher who continues to be designated in one (1) of the two (2) lowest performance classifications shall not be permitted to transfer to another school.  A teacher shall not be transferred more than once under the provisions of this paragraph.

The transfer of teachers from one school to another school within the District shall take into consideration the needs of the pupils in the District and the current distribution of teachers across all of the four (4) performance classifications as adopted by the State Board of Education.

Professional staff members may apply for transfer or reassignment, whether or not a vacancy exists.  Transfers will not be approved during the school year unless the needs of the District dictate such approval.

In the case of vacancies in new or existing positions, first consideration will be given to qualified applicants among current employees.

The resolution of any conflicts over the need for a transfer shall be based on what is best for the instructional program, the needs of the students, and the overall needs of the District as defined by the District Administrator.

Adopted:  date of Manual adoption