The Board shall act as the general agent of the state of Arizona in carrying out the will of the people of this District in the matter of public education.

The Board is authorized under the laws of the state of Arizona to adopt all needed policies and regulations for the organization, evaluation, and governance in the District.

The Board performs the following basic functions necessary to the discharging of its responsibilities: legislative, executive, and appraisal:

A.  The legislative function is the policy-making aspect of the school system.  It is the policy of the Board to retain and exercise full legislative authority and control over the schools by adopting general policies or by acting directly in matters not covered by its policies.

B.  The executive function of the Board is concerned with placing in operation existing Board policy.  Most of this function is delegated by the Board to its executive and administrative officer, the Superintendent.

C.  The appraisal function involves the determination of the efficiency of the school operation and an evaluation of the educational program of the District based on the policies as outlined in the policy manual.

The duties and obligations of an individual Board member include the following:

A.  To become familiar with the state's school laws, regulations of the State Department of Education, and District policies, rules, and regulations.

B.  To have a general knowledge of the educational aims and objectives of the system.

C.  To work harmoniously with other Board members without neglecting a proper share of the work or trying to dominate the Board.

D.  To vote and act in Board meetings impartially for the good of the District.

E.  To accept the will of the majority vote in all cases, and give wholehearted support to the resulting policy.

F.  To accept the responsibility for confidentiality in appropriate matters, especially those dealing with personnel and the divulging of privileged information that could cost the District money, support, or public confidence.

G.  To represent the Board and the District to the public in a manner that promotes both interest and support.

H.  To refer complaints to the proper school authorities and to refrain from individual counsel and action.

I.  To perform other appropriate duties that may arise.

Adopted:  date of Manual adoption


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