Student  Behavior  Committee

A committee on student behavior at each school shall be appointed by the school principal.  It shall consist of the school principal, certificated personnel, parents, and students.

The principal shall either name a chairperson or supervise the election of one by the committee.

The committee shall create in written form a basic set of guidelines, concerning student behavior relevant to that school.  This shall be submitted to the District committee on student behavior.  When approved, a copy shall be given to each teacher, student teacher, and substitute teacher at that school.

Each chairperson of the local school student behavior committee shall be a member of the District committee on student behavior.  This committee will elect a chairperson.

It shall determine:

●  That the guidelines conform to A.R.S. Title 15.

●  That the guidelines conform to District policy.

●  That the students' rights are protected.

●  That the guidelines of the various schools do not conflict with each other.

The District committee shall return guidelines to the local school committee on student behavior with approval or a written statement where it does not conform with the above.

In addition, the District committee on student behavior shall develop a general District guideline on student behavior, and the chairperson shall report to the Superintendent or to whom he designates.  All committees shall meet yearly to review their guidelines.