Searches,  Seizures,  and  Warrants

A school principal may search a student, items in the student's possession, or a student-controlled vehicle on school premises whenever the principal has a reasonable belief that the person or property searched possesses or contains a dangerous item or an item the possession of which violates state, federal, or local law, or Governing Board policy.  Items discovered in violation of law or Board policy may be seized.

Student lockers are owned by the District and remain under joint control of the student and the District.  Student lockers may be searched by the school principal or his designee whenever there is reasonable suspicion that the locker may contain a dangerous or illegal item, including drugs or other contraband, or an item the possession of which violates Governing Board policy.  Students will be notified of this policy.  This may be done by posting a notice adjacent to student locker areas, by inclusion of a warning in the student handbook, or by other reasonable means.

The following procedures shall be taken into account when making a search of students and/or their property or lockers:

●  A student should be present when his property or locker is searched where practicable.

●  A third (3rd) party shall be present as witness to any search, unless prevented by a present emergency or danger.

●  If the student is present, the student's consent will first be sought.

●  Students shall not be subject to searches that require removal of clothing other than coats, jackets, footwear, or other accessories, e.g., purses, wallets, etc.  Exceptions to these conditions would require the Superintendent's prior approval.

●  A locker search shall be conducted by the school principal or assistant principal or, in their absence, by a person designated by the principal.