(Closing a School Facility)

If it is determined the Board needs to consider closing a school facility the Board may consult with the Arizona School Facilities Board (SFB) for technical assistance and for information on the impact of closing a school.  The information provided from the SFB shall not require the Board to take or not take any action.

The Board recognizes the impact closing a school has on the community, the students who attend the school being considered, the projected impact on other schools in the District, and the District.  In response the Board shall discuss and consider a proposed school closing at a scheduled Board meeting.  The Superintendent shall present at a Board meeting demographic data related to present and future school facility needs along with information related to a school closing.

Following a decision to sell or lease a vacant and unused building or a vacant and unused portion of a building, the District may not prohibit a charter school or private school from negotiating to buy or lease the property in the same manner as other potential buyers or lessees. The District shall attempt to obtain the highest possible value under current market conditions for the sale or lease of the vacant and unused building or the vacant and unused portion of a building and may not accept an offer from a potential buyer or lessee that is less than an offer from a charter school or private school.  This does not require the owner of a building to sell or lease the building or a portion of the building to a charter school, to any other school or to any other prospective buyer or tenant, except that the owner of a building may not withdraw the property from sale or lease solely because a charter school or private school is the highest bidder.  

Community members shall be provided an opportunity to address the consideration at the Board meeting.

Adopted: October 16, 2018


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